Still Video Project

This is my still video project for my COM220 class. My location on campus was the TV studio.




For one portion of this photo project, I was instructed to attend an event near my University. The event I attended at my school is called “college coffee.” It is a great chance for the community of Elon to come together to chat, get information about upcoming events, and grab a coffee or donut. I took a total 10 of photos, including a wide shot of the even, people attending the event, and detailed shots.


For this portion of my photo project, I had to take portrait photos of 3 different people. I chose three of my roommates to my models: Madeline, Sallie, and Dowling. This part of the assignment includes both portraits and candids of my friends. This was my favorite part of the project to shoot because I love taking pictures of people, especially when our pretty campus is the background.